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exhaust for 03 Gixer, most power and nice sound?it worth it?

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Hey guys, I have an 03 Gixer with a yoshi RS-3 Bolt on, and I am wondering if a full is worth the money, I am very happy with the bolt on but looking for a full system, I have heard that the header on the newer bikes are just as good as the header w/ the full system and arent really worth it!? This true??? Also any suggestions on top performance exhaust and something with a good,loud sound to it, I like that Formula car sound, something high and high speed. Also any suggestions for small power upgrades? Should I go with high mount, or mid?? Lots of questions, need lots of help with decisions, thanks everyone.
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exhaust for gixer thou

I fitted a made in Japan Yoshi Tri Oval end can (£450) to my K2 Gixer 1. It gave me an extra 4hp on the rollers. I could have brought a complete system for (£850) that would release much more power with additional work. The main disadvantage with the full system is that it does away with the ex- up type valve and loses a bit of low down power. On the plus side it allows far more power to be released when supplamented with head/cam mods.Power that cant be achieved with the same mods with just an end can. It is because although made out of titanium the bore of the pipes are to small to benefit from head work. I have ridden a 180hp gixer and the power makes a std one feel lame (honest).
Given the choice again I would buy a complete system fit a power commander and a bit more work but is it really worth it as mine feels awesome as it is. It would just be overkill! to much is never enough.
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