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Fairing repairs

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Hey all,
After falling off my bike this weekend on a deceptively slippy corner the fairing on my 96 katana is pretty badly scratched on one side. i was wondering if there is a product available, like some sort of plastic filler that i can fill in the scratches, sand it all off and then repaint the bike. Any help that avoids purchasing new fairing would be appreciated,


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All you would need is the icing from Evercoat....make sure it is for urethane body it needs to flex slightly....

Then...I suggest you sand the scratched area smooth with some 220 grit...

wipe with rubbing alcohol to make sure it is clean....then apply your icing
(some countries call it putty)....and sand smooth....moving up to 320 grit as you smooth it out.....

You may have to repeat this process until all the scratches are gone and the panel is smooth.....

then shoot some sealer so the sanded edges don't bubble up under the new paint.....and get somone to paint match it....

cost: no more than 140-200 US dollars.... 100-140 GBP

If not then call Cycle Salvage in Fremont, CA....they will usually have good undamaged used ones that are already color matched....

do a gooel search on them.....I have gotten good fairings from them

good luck and if you need anymore help shoot me an email

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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