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Fairings question...

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Well after a fun weekend working on my bike....I found that some of the fairings need to be replaced.

I was wondering if fairings were inter-changeable....meaning....could I buy fairings from a 2001 katana 600 (I have a 94 katana 600).....and would they bolt up to my bike??

Just curious...because if I have to replace them anyway...y not give my bike a "newer" look.

Thanks in advance.
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Sytrix said:
WOAH!! Thanks!! That link helped alot!!

I am going to order everything that I need from there now!!

I only saw two parts for the Katana there the front fender and the lower middle for the front cowl which joins the two side panels together, I did not see were you could order the side panels from..Did I miss somthing?

You still can have the old stuff repaired and painted, it may be cheaper than buying a complete set of plastic that still needs paint, check out my site and see if there is anything I can do to help..Bob
Sytrix said: are right....there was only 2 katana parts on there....

Do the GSXR 600 plastics bolt up???

Also on your site I did not see anything for the katana....if there is can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks for the help :D
I dont' sell anything for the Katana either, I have plastic for over 60 bikes and none for and of the Kats, they must figure there is not enough demand to make it.

I can repair just about anything you have, I have damaged plastic that I can get parts from if you are missing plastic I also have some plastic laying around from some of my bikes that I could get rid of, Let me know what you need and let me know the extend of the damage and I do the best to take care of you..Bob
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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