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I have a question, I'm going to a Suzuki Dealership that just opened up not too long ago. My roommate paid full for an 04' gixxer 600 there (black and orange).

I'm about to get a sonic blue 04' gixxer 600. I'm putting $1500 down, and am looking to finance it for 72 months.

Will the dealer let me finance it as long a period as 72 months? Is a monthly of just above $100/mo. too low for them? I have pretty good credit, and I'm hoping to make the monthlies as low as possible...

Also, what are some pointers for haggling with a dealer?
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Memphis said:
Not sure of your age, but when I was 18 and going to buy a new honda 600f4i They said they could only give me out a loan for 3k due to my age. And I have awsome credit. So check it out. But if I recal you are older than 18
If you are under 18, you are not old enough to legally enter into a contract. The dealer wants you to get financed so they can sell a bike and make money - they will usually do as much as possible to get you approved.
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