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First Oil Change!

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My first oil change went very well. I even cleaned the screen on the Engine Oil Sump. I used 3 quarts of Valvoline 4 Stroke motor oil, 10W40 and a K&N filter. Now I can crank that baby up to 3/4 throttle! I changed the final drive 90w oil also. All I could find was 80w90 weight final drive oil. I went to several places so I assume that is ok to use.?
Only 400 miles to go, then its full throttle all the time.........uh, full throttle if needed and that would be in RARE occasions of course!
One mechanic told me that if I use synthetic oil in the S50 it could void my warranty if anything went wrong, so I will wait till the warranty is up before I use synthetic oil.
Next I find a more comfortable seat. Any suggestions?
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What are others opinions about doing their own wrenching while
the bike is under warranty?
For example, if simplegame had a problem down the road (while the bike is still under warranty).
How can one prove that x/y/z was done at such & such time,
if a warranty claim needs to be submitted?
I guess, getting the work done on video tape ;-)
I currently have a $600 service contract on mine, that Im thinking
of cancelling.
Of the 3 used cars that I've previously owned, I did most of the basic work on them.
But this is my first motorcycle, and for some reason, I feel intimidated
about doing my own wrenching on it.
Especially since its under warranty, as I've been bitten by the warranty hawks before.
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