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First ride to work

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I did my first official ride to work on my SV this morning. It was cold. Just around freezing point. I got scared though when I turned a corner and realized I had put on a bit too much rear brake when it locked up and slid a bit. Cold tires suck!

No harm done, it just slid a bit and I recovered quickly by release the rear brake. It was just scary for a fraction of a second.
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themeatmanlandry said:
So . . . did they give you a raise? Did anyone yell "Make love to me Louis"? Were you re-assigned to the home office? Do they refer to you as 'corporate' now?

Good show on the slide. Wouldn't want to pull a "Landry" and scratch a brand new bike!!
No. Yes. No. Huh?

Thanks. No I wouldn't want that.

Thanks Freakinout for bring us back on topic.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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