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First Scheduled Service - Performance Improvement?

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My SV650 its due for its first scheduled service (600 miles). I had a DUC before and the bike I got after the first service was a completly different from the one that "walked" into the service shop. Because they adjust the throttle sensors, check the mapping and check valve adjustment the performance was completely different.

Should I expect the same with the Susuki?

BTW, the last 50 miles I feel like the engine/transmission is not well attached to the frame ... when I roll on or let go the first thing I feel is a "knock" and a second latter the engine revs or unrevs. Is it possible that the pieces finish "settling" during the break in period and nuts and bolts need to be adjusted?
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I feel ... up to today. The bike will go in for service on Monday. I hope that once they tighten botls it will go away.

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