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Fitting windscreen to rider

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Hello everyone,

Being a new rider, I finally gathered enough courage couple weekends ago, to get on the Los Angeles Freeways. All went well yet I was a little uncomfortable with wind resistance without a shield on my new C50. So last weekend I dished out the 300 some $s and got the C50 OEM windshield, in the hope it will make future freeway riding somewhat more comfortable.

After trying it out I noticed that there is more wind turbulence around my helmet area which seemed bothersome. The windshield adjusts up/down by about an inch, and I tried both positions. In the low position, I am looking over the windshield but with more helmet air turbulence. In the high position, I am looking mostly through it with less turbulence (turbulence not completely gone) but have to slouch a little.

I read a couple threads on this forum that seemed to suggest that the proper rider position is to look over the screen, not through it. Also, that having "lowers" installed may help reduce helmet turbulence.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on:
- what is the proper riding position with respect to the windshield (look over it or through it)?
- is more turbulence expected or did I get the wrong windshield for my height (I am 6'1)?
- Do lowers (or anything else for that matter) really help with the helmet air turbulence?

One final thought, I don't mind the air itself since most of the time it's hot here and you get more of a cooling effect that way, but I cant stand the noise and the vibrations.
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The general rule of thumb is to have the top of the windshield about even with the rider's nose as he sits in his normal position on the bike. However I've found with my cheap 17" aftermarket windshield that if I get the right angle on it I can get the wind to go basically over my head completely even though it is very short. When I had it perfectly parallel to the forks the buffeting was terrible.
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