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Flat spot in third & Is my clutch stuffed?

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Two questions regarding my Honda CGL 125 (Or 11hp beast as some refer to it :lol: )

Flat spot in third

When I change up into third, it dies ever so slightly - revs build up, then die down about two seconds then comes back then dies and comes back again, with me screaming various expletives at the bike. It runs on unleaded petrol.

Is my clutch stuffed?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to pull away on a hill, almost as though the clutch is slipping. And this morning, the clutch started clanking when released. Am I in trouble?

Dwayne Hicks
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Hi dwayne,
psychobilly is right, i used to own a cg 125 (an old model anyway) and suffered the same problem regarding revs in 4th gear. It was due to a combination of a bit of water in the carbs plus a worn out battery. try draining the carbs first and if it still persists then try a different battery.
As far as the clutch goes clanking is never good take the right side panel off the crank casing and have a look at the clutch plates (which should be visible) and check for damage and discolouration.

hope this helps you to find speed again,

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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