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Flip up jaw helmets and safety

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Does anyone have any information on the safety of a flip up jaw helmet compared to a full face or 3/4? I've got a Shoei Syncrotec right now, which I love...but lately I've been wondering how much it is actually protecting my face/chin, etc.

I'm assuming that a full face would obviously offer more protection, but is having a flip up essentially having a 3/4 helmet protection, with the looks of a full face??
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Louis said:
Is it Snell compliant?
I said yes, but I might've said that too quickly...actually I'm not sure. I guess I'm assuming so since it's a fricking $400 helmet!! :shock:
Ride-or-die said:
you beter protect that pretty face of yours, its a beat!!
I'm hoping you meant "Beaut" or something..."Beat" sounds like it could mean a couple different things...!!!! :oops: :)
themeatmanlandry said:
[EDIT: You're not aSMOKER are you, 'Zukigirl? :evil: ]
Nope...Not a smoker! I smoked for about 3 months when I was 19 until I smoked a whole pack one night at a wedding along w/ a few shots...the hangover the next day took care of that nasty habit!! :shock: :? :wink:
I like the flip up for quite a few reasons...My boyfriend and his mom and dad all have them, so when we're at stop lights, gas stations, etc...we can just flip them up and chat a bit without a problem. Plus, the helmet is easier to get on and off when you can flip it up first!
That pic is me when I had red hair. Right now I'm blonde for the time-being! But, I loved that red!!! :)

No really...Don't stop!! :wink:
Louis said:
According to Shoei's website, the Syncrotec is NOT Snell 2000 certified, only DOT.
What does that mean then??
Louis said:
As for protection I guess it should at least protect you as much as a 3/4 helmet...
Dang...that sucks! :?
Louis said:
I said at LEAST (I believe it shuld be more, but I'm covering my butt). I'm no expert though.
I know...just sucks that it cost so much $$$ for that helmet and I probably should've gone w/ a full face.
So do you glasses or contacts?? I think the flip would be easier to remove w/o removing your glasses every time
I used to wear glasses/contacts. I got the Lasik eye surgery almost 3 years ago now, so I don't have to wear them anymore! :)

I liked the flip up just because of the convenience of it when needing to talk to someone or when you're at a gas station and you don't want to take your helmet all the way off, etc...but...I may need to look into getting a new helmet for next year, and just have the Shoei as my back up.
Ride-or-die said:
whats wrong with a normal sports bike full faced helmet, u can flip ut the visor easy and still talk
I find people have a hard time hearing me when I'm talking w/ the jaw down...I've got a pretty meek voice I think?! :?
Ride-or-die said:
ah i bet u have a real cute voice, i love the american accent!!!!

over hear tho the flip up jaw type helmets are very unpopular to most bikers but i bet youd look sexy in whatever, lol sorry i must stop
:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :D
Hardware said:
By the by, SG1, you're smokin' - and I mean that in the nicest way... :bows:
Thanks Hardware!!! :oops:

...and I'm not mad about any pics! Believe'd know if I was mad!! :D :twisted:
Ride-or-die said:
how old are you anyway suzuki girl?
I'm 27...turning 28 on December 18th... birthday is on December 18th...

...write it down!!! :lol: :lol: 8)

Just kidding! :D

No I'm not!
Hardware said:
Winning the lottery or having SG1's head full of nickels...
[it's an old big head joke] :p :p :p :p
Oh man, I think you guys better stop. Looks like SG's head is starting to swell
Making fun of my avatar, eh boys?!?! I'll have you know that I had that specially designed for me (by Louis)!

Okay...fine...I'll change it to a different one...let me know if my head still looks to big on this one too!!! :cry: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Uncle Bob said:
Where are the glasses, girls with glasses are sexy !
I had the lasik surgery a few years ago...don't wear glasses anymore. Sorry Uncle Bob!!! :cry:
Thanks...that's good to hear that you've actually seen the flip up "in use"!
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