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Flip up jaw helmets and safety

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Does anyone have any information on the safety of a flip up jaw helmet compared to a full face or 3/4? I've got a Shoei Syncrotec right now, which I love...but lately I've been wondering how much it is actually protecting my face/chin, etc.

I'm assuming that a full face would obviously offer more protection, but is having a flip up essentially having a 3/4 helmet protection, with the looks of a full face??
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Thats a good question I didn't think of. I've actually been interested in getting a flip-up. I better go research.
Well I need a flip-up to match my flip-flops, So I can pose for the 14 yr olds at the mall... 8)

only kidding :lol:
1 - 4 of 67 Posts
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