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Suzuki GS 400 1992
Please check it out on ebay: 1992 SUZUKI BLUE GS 400 full MOT Great reliable runner 500 beginner | eBay
I've had this bike roughly 2 years, it was my first bike which I learnt to ride before upgrading to my GSXR.

The bike is in really good condition for the age and everything works. The tyres and brakes are all good. The bike was MOT'd on the 8/12/13 and it went straight through with no problems and with no advisory's.

The bike does start straight away on the button, it has a choke due to using carburetors and the age.

If you're looking at this for either a first bike or a winter bike it will be ideal as it's a really sturdy bike and if you do need to fix it parts are easily and cheaply accessible.

The bike is exactly the same as the GS 500 apart from the engine size. You could actually swap the engine for a 500 if you so wished.

It is an import but this really makes no difference in insuring, taxing it the only thing that is different is the speedo which has stickers to indicate the MPH speed but this really is not a hindrance. I did think of changing the speedo, which would be easy but I did't really see the need in the end.

I have a couple pieces of paperwork one which shows it being bought for £1100 a couple of years ago.

If you would like the bike delivered this will not be a problem, just get in-touch so we can arrange delivery fees etc.

I believe that has answered most question which will arise, so yeah to summarize it's a reliable bike which will be ideal as a winter bike or someone just starting out. Any questions please feel free to get in touch and viewings are welcome.


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