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For the old-school GSX-R owners

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Anyone remember these?


- Nut
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No, but I'm not an old school Gixxer person either. :wink:

I'll venture a guess:

The foil thingy is some sort of a glove, 'cause it's finger holes.
The ear-shaped things are protectors for your uh . . . you know.
The silver things are slinkys (duh!)
and the Yoshiumura things are temporary tattoos, so you can look cool amongst the HD dudes.
Mark is right, we're made to get married! [1]
I'm not bragging, but I get all of the sex (with extras!!) that I can handle. My wife and I grew up together, so we're really in tune with each other's likes/dislikes. I'm not getting dirty, I'm just throwing that out there.

Burned out on sex? WTF?!? I could have sex with a skunk, while dancing the jitterbug, on a sinking ship, with a photo of my naked grandma having sex with a gorilla taped to the headboard. I can do it.

And no . . . I am not master of my domain. Reminds me . . . it's been more than an hour since I last . . . you know . . . I'm off to the bathroom! Where's my skunk?
87gsxrnut said:
No, thanks . . . I just ate.

<pun intended, btw>
How to put this?

When one is "Master of Their Domain," they don't ever mas- . . . well, they've stopped ja- . . . they only receive pleasure in teh company of others, never alone. <ahem> :oops:
They have the shiniest pope in town.

They hitchhike to the ceiling on a regular basis.

Their monkey is well behaved.
Sometimes . . . I sit on my hand until it goes numb . . . and then it's like having a stranger there with me . . . which is nice.
1 - 8 of 64 Posts
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