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G'day mate, i measured my forks on my TS 185 and they measured 32 mm at the clamps, im lookin for forks that are 32 mm in diameter to bolt in as a replacement, my forks have stuff all travel and are too soft, and the brakes are crumy, so im lookin for 32 mm forks, with disc brakes of a dirt bike of some discription to bolt in over the ones i have now....
so yous who have dirt bikes can yous' please measure ur forks at the clamps and see if there 32mm? dont worry if u dont have disc brakes. thanks. im just lookin for a little more performance from my bike, i also want to do stoppies! oh and while were on suspension, does any one no about replacement shocks for my TS? the ones on the back are pretty dud, and i want some more travel out of them too! :wink: i dont have enuf moeny to buy a new bike tho. so if yous could help me out id be quite apreciative. :lol:
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i was thinkin DR350 forks? they look about right?
can any one help!!! :?: :cry:
Bumpity bump!
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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