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Forward Controls for Maruader

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I've been riding my Marauder for about three weeks now and I'm really enjoying the bike. The power seems just about right for a noob like me, it doesn't come on fast but if you ask for it its there. The handling is a little tricky in low speed traffic but I'm getting the hang of it and my aftermarket windshield, now that I've adjusted it a bit, is working great.

The only drawback I've noticed so far is the pegs make me feel a little cramped. Its not something I really noticed when I first had the bike and rode short distances wearing jeans. But I'm just over 6' and now that I'm riding longer distances wearing my foul weather gear I notice it a bit. To compensate I end up riding with my heels sorta hanging down below the pegs and then I move my feet up when I need to shift/brake.

I've been looking at forward controls, the ones that move the pegs forward about four inches and given how terribly expensive they are ($300+) I'm wondering if they'll really make a big difference for me. I talked to a buddy of mine and he told me I should just wait a few more months until I have more experience and I'm more familiar with the bike and riding in general before I start making those kinds of changes.

Anyhow I was curious if anyone had experience with these and if they're worth the money. I was also wondering if anyone had spotted any that didn't cost $300+ and maybe weren't quite so chromy and gaudy looking. I actually prefer the look of the boring stock controls ;)
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Uncle Bob said:
There are also adaptors that'll relocate your OEM pegs forwards for much less than $300.
That's more like it, I'll search around and see what I can find.
Actually the more I think about this and go out to the garage and just sit on the bike the more I think my buddy was right. I just have poor posture ;) I think I'm going to stick with the stock setup for now and work on keeping my heels hooked into the pegs. I've noticed, as a newbie I guess, I'm sort of afraid to keep my feet on the controls (shifter and brake) because I think I'm going to apply pressure when I don't mean to, or I'm going to be riding around with my rear brake light on all the time because I'm resting my foot on the brake pedal.
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