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forward controls/intruder 800

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Oh I am deaf, just got back from a LONG poker run....following a custom chopper with non baffeled drag pipes for a couple of hours....won some cool stuff though. Anyway, anybody have some recomendations on the best forward controls to get. I have heard some bad things about the Jadine ones. I need them bad, intruders have a messed up riding position. Just don't want to spend 2-600 dollars on junk. E aby has had a few sets from companies I have never heard of. Seeger cycle has some too. Anyone who actually has some let me know what you think of yours.
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Resyling forward controls are very reasonable, and are good quality. Don't get them off EBAY though- they are cheeper to buy directly, and you will get them sooner.

Where in georgia are you?

Hey Mike! How are things going? Are you going to make it to Paduka?

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