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forward controls/intruder 800

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Oh I am deaf, just got back from a LONG poker run....following a custom chopper with non baffeled drag pipes for a couple of hours....won some cool stuff though. Anyway, anybody have some recomendations on the best forward controls to get. I have heard some bad things about the Jadine ones. I need them bad, intruders have a messed up riding position. Just don't want to spend 2-600 dollars on junk. E aby has had a few sets from companies I have never heard of. Seeger cycle has some too. Anyone who actually has some let me know what you think of yours.
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Highway Hawk is the way to ride

I keep telling everyone that I know to get Highway Hawk forward control kits. I think they are terriffic, and are very reasonably priced. Also, while on their site, you might wanna check out their other accessories, they have the best selection (at least I think so). I already bought 2 sets of mirrors, a radiator cover, and some chrome pegs! I just love their stuff!!! :)
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