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Since the clutch cable is broken, I figured I'd dig around and find the leaking seal so I could order the part(s) along with the new cable. So, I go the front sprocket cover off, and WOW, what a mess. I'll have pictures as soon as my stubborn digital camera lets me upload them. Anyway, there's big puddles of black goop (formerly oil, now mixed with chain grime, dust, dirt, and all that other fun stuff) all over inside that cover. It looks like the leak is coming from the shift linkage seal, but i'm just gonna replace all the seals while I'm in there.

Does anyone know if there's a seal behind the drive sprocket? It looks like I have to remove the sprocket anyway to get at the clutch rod seal, so if there's a seal back there, I'll replace that too. Bike is a 1981 GS450S.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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