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Frame Slider Recommendations

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Can you all recommend any brand of frame sliders over another? Or what to stay away from?

I found some really cool-looking mushroom-shaped ones, but I can't find them again to order them.
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I've never heard of nylon sliders........But they make some made or delrin and teflon. My front frame sliders are teflon, and my swingarm sliders are made of delrin. Theres hardly a difference between the two except delrin is generally half the price of the teflon.

The best place to get them without paying out the azz is ebay. I got my whole set for about 35 dollars, where as if I got them from other sites it whould have been about 110 dollars.

I have a question now. Are carbon fiber frame sliders REALLY necessary? They are there to protect your engine from severe damage not look pretty in my opinion; right :?
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