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Frame sliders are a great investment

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I'm a pretty safe driver, and always expect the car around me to do the worst.

I was pulling up to a circle drive (visably blocked by trees/brush) and the car infront seemed like she was going to turn in, but she pulled to the far right of the road.

So i proceeded cautiously, since she wasn't turning and began to turn into the drive. I was watching her to make sure she didn't turn INTO me and wreck my pretty bike, and when i finally checked out the driveway, it was blocked off, so i made a sharp right turn on the bike to whip around, except the driveway wasn't wide enough so i slammed the brakes to keep from going into the lawn.

Well, this driveway is more inclined than i'd like, and the bike was already @ a tilt from turning, and i had a hard time keeping her up, so i mistakenly revved the gas, killed the engine (w/ the switch, since i was revving) and gently set her down while making sure the mirrors didn't make contact w/ the concrete.

Sure enough, the bike just sat on the frame sliders while the mirrors and all had plenty of clearance. I hopped off the bike, picked it up, started it, waved @ the b!tch and drove off.

Invest in frame sliders. They save you $$$
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kyro2000 said:
how many fingers did you use to wave at her with?

and someone please tell me why women get insurance for less :evil:
make's them feel like responsable drivers .. :?

not every woman is like that though..
are there accually any female suzuki forum members .. :?:
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