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7er said:
Will rejetting together with open pipes and new filters increase fuel consumtion and if prox, how much. (intruder 1400).
WHat I have learned is called 'Uncorking' or opening up both ends of the 1400 will net you about 45mpg depending on which jets you use and how you ride. The biggest deterrants of good gas mileage is your right wrist. The fatser you go and the faster you get there the lss your MPG's will be. If you open up the bike and rejet you will have th ability to pour more fuel and the mileage will drop more, if you are gentle the added jetting has added more power and you will get better mileage.

Try the following set-up and you will be happy:
Main Jets - 145f/155r (Mikuni Parts Only)
Pilots - Stock
K&N Universal Pod Filters
Needles - Buy Adjustable Aftermarket Needles and adjust to 2 notches front and 3 notches rear
Sync carbs at about 2,000-2,500 rpm
Plugs - NGK DPR7EA-9

Careful to seat all the cables properly and not let the enrichner cable to bind on the right side of the front carb.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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