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Fuel Level Resistor

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does anyone know exactly what the fuel level resistor does on a bike?

if you dont know what one is, here is a pic:

the bottom pic with the arrow pointing to it...

well, on my bike, it's not plugged up, and i cant find anything to plug it to.

i just got a different wiring harness, but alas, still i see no plug for that damn thing...

i am not getting any error codes when i "boot" into dealer mode... (yea, im a computer guy, what can i say)

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WEll, I personally have only a guess...probably a dumb one at that...but went to a couple of search engines and nothing really hit sounds like maybe a sensor for fuel cut know how if you hit a big bump or get into an accident with a car, you have to pop your trunk and pull the manual fuel pump override to turn your fuel pump back on? Maybe this is like a tilt sensor or something if you tip...who know, to me from what I gathered it sounds like a sensor that 'resists' fuel from traveling from your tank, to your injectors. Good luck, hope I was of some help.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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