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Gear Problems

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It has happened twice in the last week or so, but its enough to make me worry.
At high revs dropping from 5th to 4th the gear doesn't engage, it just rattles and jumps, I always blip the throttle as the clutch goes in to get the revs matched.
Is this a gearbox problem, or a clutch problem?
My first guess would be clutch as it doesnt happen going up the box when I don't use the clutch...?
Can anyone take an educated guess for me?
Many thanks.
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Not quite, I have a 600.

And it happened on a testing ground. :whistle:

PS; I meant the top halve of the rev range, not flat out....
Cable I think mate.
I have found the settings for it in the workshop manual so I need to check the screw is a quarter turn out and that I have the correct amount of play in the cable.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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