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Gixxer 750 Japanese Tire

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I took my Gixxer 750 in for an oil change. The back tire had a nail of all things. Now I've told the dealer to change both tires. But I had a nail in the rear. I was told that the Dunlp tire is really available only in Japan. That the dealer can order it but it will cost me $300.00. I can replace the front and the rear for 350.00 and that they have it in stock. Although I told the dealer to do this, I really don't have a choice, do you think this is true what I was told?

Note I'm not looking to go to some internet discount place and get one cheaper. On my Gixxer I don't want to skimp on tires..or really anything with safety.

Any opinions?
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The tire that comes on that bike from the factory is a Dunlop 218. They suck. There are much better tires out there such as the above mentioned Pirelli's or Michelin Pilot Sports. I have ran each type on both my 750's. I just got a set of Michelin H2's today to put on. Paid $100 for a set of race take offs. They look new. Point is there are many different avenues for getting tires.

$300 for a rear tire is insane. I would have told your dealer to shove that $300 tire up his ass. I can buy a brand new Pilot Sport, have it mounted and computer balanced for around $140.
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