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Gixxer 750 Japanese Tire

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I took my Gixxer 750 in for an oil change. The back tire had a nail of all things. Now I've told the dealer to change both tires. But I had a nail in the rear. I was told that the Dunlp tire is really available only in Japan. That the dealer can order it but it will cost me $300.00. I can replace the front and the rear for 350.00 and that they have it in stock. Although I told the dealer to do this, I really don't have a choice, do you think this is true what I was told?

Note I'm not looking to go to some internet discount place and get one cheaper. On my Gixxer I don't want to skimp on tires..or really anything with safety.

Any opinions?
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That's it a Dunlop 218. And the dealer had something like 208 or 207 or whatever.

You know, I have to admit. Any time I've saved money or anything...for some reason it's always costed me more in the end. Thank you very very much on the suggestions on the tires.

There was another factor too. I didn't want to be not riding. I knew I would pay a higher price. But I felt like I had to get out there and ride. Give you an idea I received the bike on July 13th...yesterday being August 23rd I already have over 2,000 miles on it. Riding this thing for me is like a drug. I can't get enough of it. Now of course no drugs but still..this thing just to ride is wonderful.

Thank you all again for your help.
It's a high alright...just overall still gets me upset..350 for a set of tires...yet I don't want to it's a trade off.

So how you making out now...did you get to the point of finding anything new and exciting like the front wheel comes up easy you making out with the hills and starting?
7K in 6th...that's over a hundred...I know...I've done it...not that I'm proud of it ....but I did it.

I know what you mean on not wanting to kill yourself. I found a very senior fact he's a stunt rider for shows. Amazing the things he can do. He drives a 2004 Gixxer 1000.

Last night before while taking my bike in, he was the one giving me a ride home...I saw him pull a wheelie. I looked over at him at the stop sign and started talking to him. I felt like a newbie. You know that feeling of someone so much better than you. I was saying things like, "man I wish I could do that. " Or, "I pulled the front end up and it scares me."

He asked me to follow him back to his place which was on the way....he wanted to show me something that would help.

In his garage were three motorcycles. They really looked beat up. You see he was trying to make a point to me and it went like this.

Here's my first Gixxer an 1100, I destroyed the forks and the back end after I dumped it doing a wheelie in town. Here's my newer Ninja, you can see the fairing cracked when I flipped it over doing an endo. Here's my CBR that the transmission is shot and the forks are bent. He added that he's been to the emergency room numerous times..and had a pin in his...and I stopped him. He could tell with the medical things I really didn't want to hear it because you's upsetting.

So finally he added, "Do you really want to be able to ride like me and pay the price?"

I told him it's just like sick but I get his point.

Last thing he said was just ride normal...and your body and your bike will stay in better shape. And all I have to do is just not say I don't stunt and those without bikes will assume I do. And those that do stunt won't care that I don't.

Kind of a strange story...but..thought I would pass it on. Last night I think really broke my wanting to be a kewl looking stunt rider with the thought of what it will cost.
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