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Gixxer 750 Japanese Tire

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I took my Gixxer 750 in for an oil change. The back tire had a nail of all things. Now I've told the dealer to change both tires. But I had a nail in the rear. I was told that the Dunlp tire is really available only in Japan. That the dealer can order it but it will cost me $300.00. I can replace the front and the rear for 350.00 and that they have it in stock. Although I told the dealer to do this, I really don't have a choice, do you think this is true what I was told?

Note I'm not looking to go to some internet discount place and get one cheaper. On my Gixxer I don't want to skimp on tires..or really anything with safety.

Any opinions?
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Jammer said:
Riding this thing for me is like a drug. I can't get enough of it. Now of course no drugs but still..this thing just to ride is wonderful.
it IS a drug..... :D
come to think of's about as safe as a drug and you get that wonderful rider's high....right?
I got the hills pretty much licked. Coming home from the highway I made a point to find the roads with hills and stopsigns or stoplights. I'm just more aware of the engine and the revs. As long as I stay below 4K, I can start with no problem.

No I haven't got that front wheel off the ground. I can't go above 7 grand for another 300 miles. I'm anal about breaking this thing in. I plan on having this for sometime, so I'm taking all the necessary steps to ensure a long life. I keep hearing that this bike "wakes up" after 6K, but I haven't hit more than 7K and that was in 6th on the highway, so it wasn't brutal like I keep hearing.

I'm not in a hurry to find out how to kill myself. After I break the first 500, I'll still be easy on getting the high revs going. This bike is so sweet! Even my stepdad was like, "now I know why everyone likes these things." He's a chopper kinda guy.
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Great story you shared. The guys here have been pretty lucky. One guy just broke his collarbone, one leg and an arm, while on the highway. It was late at night and no one else got hurt. If you associate with stunters than those who don't ride think you are a part of it. In the past two weeks there have been two major wrecks that are associated with the local group here.

The thing is they were doing a show for NHRA import drag racing. They weren't even there and they are getting blamed for it. The media is on a witchhunt now, and anyone with a bike is being warned to be careful and let this die down. The media wont let it go away though. There is a HUGE ride coming up the end of SEPT. Suppose to be like over 1000 bikes. Can you imagine 1000 bikes blocking the highway??? I can't wait.

I dont need that for my ego though. I want to ride! Just the fact that I am on a sportbike garners plenty of attention from people. Along with those people in cars with lights on top.
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