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Gixxer Pulls right on wheelie

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Hey, I got a 2001 gixxer 1000 about a month ago, It pulls heavy right when I try to pop a wheelie, sittings are worst that stand ups.

lets say im on the highway, I lift it from the left lane, and I have to let go after ~10 seconds cause i'm in the right lane heading for the railguard.... Its not a wind problem, ive tried many times wherever the wind is coming from or the grooves in the asphalt. I had a 750 before, never had that problem

I've aligned the wheels using a rope to make sure they are both inline. they werent, they were a little off, now its fine, but still pulls, im going to change the sprockets and chain on the bike next week, could that be the problem ?

thanks for your replys
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i wanted to make sure the back wheel was perfectly straight (with the bike) , if the backwheel is not straight, the bike will tend to pull one way or the other.

as the bike lifts, if the back wheel is looking on one side, it will want to go that way while the bike may tend to fall on the oposite side..

hypothetically, think of what would happen if you could turn your backwheel so it faced 45 degrees right and you gazed it... you'd certainly end up on your left side...
im forcing myself to lean to the left ..

I'll probably go to a shop that checks frames make sure everything is straight... make sure the swing arm is ok.... could have been smashed before I bought it
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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