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got a new bike ST250XK4

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got a new bike ST250E Special Edition (retro looking)

Hello from Tokyo :whistle:
Just joined the forum today.
Changed my bike from Yamaha XV750 to Suzuki ST250E Special Edition,
a retro-looking bike:

My bike: shown in the attached image. Background painted black to hide crap in the garage.

Original bike:

Seems to be interesting forum.

Cheers ....
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LMOA~ way to clear up the 10-4 Tiger!
Hey, those are some fancy wheels, do they come with special spoke inserts to have a picture installed. . .

jj~dont bothe explainin, i tried to take the time n delete the background on my mtn bike pic once and took forever and looked like crap

Anyway, nice ride and Welcome
LMOA~ ??
Thanks for the Wecome message.
Yep, it took me forever, too.
LMAO is short for laughing my *** off,in other words,something that he read made him laugh.
c50tiger said:
Certainly no need for apologies, Tokyo, and I understand the confusion from the manuals. My bikes a C50, but the manual that came with it still says VL800. :)

mines the M50 and the manual says VZ800.....weird but understandable...
Thanks for correcting! "10-4 good buddy "

Where did "10-4" come from? (sorry for keep asking for free answers!).
By the way, is there any way to add 'posts' as the second (lower) layer so that I don't interrupt the right "Tread" without bothering his/her main theme?
sorry T-Case, me speak sometimes funny? Whoops, eh~
10-4 means "message received and understood" for where the 10-codes (as they are known) comes from i am not sure...
As to the 10 codes, there are theories how they came about, but until someone prove's otherwise, the actual reason's are lost in the mists of time. Very comprehensive webpage on 10-codes.I wouldn't get too worked up about spinning a thread off it's original topic... hijacking threads seems to be something of a sport around here :)
of course C50 has NEVER jacked a thread before :whistle:

Who.. ME???? What is this thread jack you speak of? :mrgreen:
21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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