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got my bike back!

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just got my bike back- i had an accident abt a month ago. got cleared by the doc and can ride! there wasn't too much damage. it came out to be around 800 clams. left a few of the scuffed parts on cause it was really minor scratches.

quick question- how many of you actually wear motorcycle boots when riding? i just got a pair of Alpinestar street boots and they feel awkward..

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When I see people riding with sandals or tennis shoes, I get really nervous.

I always wear boots - to protect my ankles in case it's my turn to crash, and to protect my feet from the hot pipes that run about 6 inches behind the foot pegs. As I am still getting used to my new bike, I regularly have melted rubber from my boots on the exhaust pipe. If I was wearing "street" shoes, I would have already burned my foot or ankle several times.

Wear your gear - ride safe!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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