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Gpz500s has spark won’t fire

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I’ve recently bought a gpz500s as a project it’s been sat for around a year it did run before being parked up. I’ve cleaned the carbs and checked the spark it does spark just won’t fire has fresh fuel etc. any suggestions on what to check?
thanks Tyler.
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Is it getting fuel in the cylinders? If it ran when parked and sat for a year I would suspect fuel delivery.
Run some good fuel system cleaner through and leave it as long as possible.
Hey Tyler,
  • You could start by confirming that there is fuel/petrol in the carb float bowls by draining EACH one.
  • You could also check:
    • cylinder compression
    • Clear and clean air box and filter
    • No air leaks beyond the throttle/butterfly plates
    • Exhaust pipe is clean and clear of obstructions like rodent or bird nesting material, etc.
    • Ensure there is no water at the bottom of the fuel tank. Even though you add fresh gas, water will settle to bottom first
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