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Hi I have 1986 suzuki savage, the clutch was slipping a bit in 4th gear
I had to take the engine to install a new piston and cam,whilst I was at it I checked the clutch plates they had hardly any ware and a small bit of glazing on 2 of the steel plates
after soaking all the plates in brake fluid for 24 hours I cleaned up the glazed plates with a light abrasive, all the plates look and feel perfect.
I rebuilt the engine and used a small amount of Grophogen on the cam,this bike has a wet clutch (the oil in the sump also lubricates the clutch) now the clutch slips in all gears until warm but it still slips even when warm
I changed the oil to silkolene comp 4 10 w 40 in case the old oil had moly in it.
could either the wrong oil or the graphogen permanently ruined my friction plates?
Can you use graphogen on bikes with wet clutches
many thanks Nick
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