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My father wants new grips for his 1998 suzuki intruder 1400 i was wondering what size the grips are. I also work for custom chrome so if you have links to any of the arlen ness grips, or something similar that would work i would appreciate it a lot, thank you.
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Any aftermarket grips for a 1-inch bar will work. They are very easy to install, but if you get universal fit ones instead of Intruder-specific grips, you may need to destroy your stock grips to re-use the original throttle sleeve. I just put on a set of ISO gell grips on one of my Intruders, and it took about 20 minutes, including adjusting the throttle cable afterwards. has an asortment of Arlen Ness grips.
I don;t know about the M50 grips, but I think they will use the same 1-inch bar as the rest of the cruiser line...I'll see if I can find out (my buddy owns a dealer).

Removing the grips is easy. On the left side, just unscrew the bar end weight and twist the grip off. If it is stuborn, separate the two sides of the switch box to expose the end of the grip and tap it loose with a hammer. Once it starts it will come right off. On the right side, unscrew the bar weight, separate the switch box, pull the end of the throttle cable out of the slot in the throttle sleeve. The grip will fall right off. Install is easy: slide the grip on, connect the throttle cable, put the switch box back together, and adjust the throttle cable for 1/8 of an inch of free play. For the other side, smear on the glue and slide the grip on. Done.
If you have to re-use the stock throttle sleeve because you bought the universal grips, then you have to cut the stock grip off and glue the new on on the sleeve.
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Yes, the left side glues to the bar, the right side has a lip that goes inside the switch box to keep it from sliding off the end. If you use your stock throttle sleeve, you will need to glue the grip to the sleeve.
The universal kury grips will say "must re-use stock throttle sleeve" in the product description on the website. I'll check with my buddy and see if the M50 uses the same grips as the rest of the line...
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