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My father wants new grips for his 1998 suzuki intruder 1400 i was wondering what size the grips are. I also work for custom chrome so if you have links to any of the arlen ness grips, or something similar that would work i would appreciate it a lot, thank you.
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lemme bring this thread back instead of starting a new one:

wow...looks like that link is the best place to buy Kuryakyn grips at 50 bux! But is there anywhere you can get a throttle boss cheaper than $17?

now a question: it lists the M95 and many other Boulevard models...will the M50 be any different? i am going to want to order these ASAP once i get my bike.

also i saw in another thread the discussion of removing original grips. that was on a (honda) street bike though. is it hard to remove the original grips without damaging anything, including the grips themselves? how?
how does one know if they are universal or not? i would like to keep the install as easy as possible even if the Kuryakyn grips are a few more bux to get specific ones. (specific ones being for the M50? or the boulevard line?)

on the install: only the left side gets glue because the right side has the throttle sleeve, yes?

awesome information DB...thanks.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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