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gs1000 runs bad/misses on 1 cyl

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i recently bought a gs1000 (early 80's?)motor on a blaster frame and am trying to get it to run right it currentally has shotty wireing, no air filters, basically open header exhaust, horrible carb tuning, and wont stay running w/o the choke on.

i so far have reset the carbs to a somewhat "stock" position this didnt help, the previous owner took them apart and cleaned them i'm not shure if he got them all back together right... it will stay idleing if i leave the choke out just a lil bit i'm not sure where the idle air screw is on these things i got a manual comming for mikuni carbs, i dont have a part number for them tho i looked everywhere on them w/o taking them off, they have 1-3/4" od air cleaner spouts on them, there are 4.. obviously all hooked together

i'm going to work on the wireing as soon as i get a new voltage regulator.

i'm searching for a cheap muffler to drop all 4 cyls. into one on the side, anyone reccomend a muffler to use? or mabye a size?

i'm going to tryan dget some air filters tuesday after the holiday weekend. from a local shop.

anyone got any ideas to help me out getting this thing in the dirt?

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I think I have worked on that bike/quad before! I remember having one in the shop. I thought it was a KZ motor, but not sure. Anyways, it probably has points ignition, make sure those are good. Im also thinking those carbs need some help, like a cleaning. As far as exhaust goes custom fabrication is gonna be the way to go.
I think it was there to solve running problems, but may be a different bike cause this was early last spring. To find out if it has points pull off the cover on the right side of the crankshaft.
Some auto parts stores have a bucket of stuff called "cold parts cleaner". Gumout just does not cut it. Saftey Kleen sell the stuff along with some other companies, You'll know you got the right stuff if it comes in a can like paint does.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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