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gs1000 runs bad/misses on 1 cyl

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i recently bought a gs1000 (early 80's?)motor on a blaster frame and am trying to get it to run right it currentally has shotty wireing, no air filters, basically open header exhaust, horrible carb tuning, and wont stay running w/o the choke on.

i so far have reset the carbs to a somewhat "stock" position this didnt help, the previous owner took them apart and cleaned them i'm not shure if he got them all back together right... it will stay idleing if i leave the choke out just a lil bit i'm not sure where the idle air screw is on these things i got a manual comming for mikuni carbs, i dont have a part number for them tho i looked everywhere on them w/o taking them off, they have 1-3/4" od air cleaner spouts on them, there are 4.. obviously all hooked together

i'm going to work on the wireing as soon as i get a new voltage regulator.

i'm searching for a cheap muffler to drop all 4 cyls. into one on the side, anyone reccomend a muffler to use? or mabye a size?

i'm going to tryan dget some air filters tuesday after the holiday weekend. from a local shop.

anyone got any ideas to help me out getting this thing in the dirt?

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well i must have been feelin stupid and left the key on and my illuminated tach :rolleyes: drainded the battery overnight so now it's on charge i did hook up some jumber cables to the terminals to do some more tuning and i've discovered the #1 cyl isnt fireing at all and the #4 cyl is weak spark it has bad contacts in the boot on the wire, the #1 cyl however has great contact i just cant figure it out why it's not passing so i've come to the conclusion that the coil is bad, they are the origional coils,

who makes aftermarket coils for the gs1000 motor? can i just use a set of msd's and generic equal length wires?

i also need a regulator i didnt check the stator yet cause the motor is still hot but i was looking at that electrolux unit just seems pricey

lemme know what ya think i'm trying to get this up and solling smooth to take to a weekend show out in kc in about 3 weeks

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i dunno if ya did it hasent existed for to long less than a year, did it have really shitty welding and a extended swing arm made from 2 pieces of angle iron? prevoius owner had disassembled the carbs and i dunno if he got them back together right, how can i tell what type of ignition it has?

yeah i'm going to make an exhaust for it, redo the header mounts and dump them all into a stock gsrx1000 muffler that i got the other day

thanks for the responce man

hope your not the prevoius owner in disguise lol

if you did work on it do ya remember what ya did?
thank you sir i'm gonna get this thing runnin and post a movie for everyone if i can

thanls, again
i bought a mikuni car tuning manual and found out that they are vm29 smoothbore carbs i should be able to tune them good now but i do need a rebuild kit know where i can get one?

i'm going to order them dyna coils tonight

and wires and i already got the filters comming and a muff.

thanks again guys
i did it does have points

i just ordered the 5 ohm dyna coils
some 11" wide holeshot tires
and a stator/r-r
:/ well it dosent seem that they have a rebuild kit just a few select parts not even a big quantity i'm going to just flat out cleand the **** out of them thin and through anyone reccomend what i should use to soak the carbs in?

i've enver rebuilt a carb before but my dad has he will be here later to help me out, i'm a very technical person i dont see it being to extremely hard

lemme know..... i feel like such a noob :(

thanks for helping out guys

i seen a write or on rebuilding a carb and it had that in there but i went to all 4 auto stores around here and no ones got it 2 people knew of it tho but not where to get it around here

we got and , advance auto, napa, auto zone, and parts plus, i'm going to try o' riles but it's a bit of a treck so mabye on the weekend.

i'm piecing together a list of parts i need for these carbs from sudco and hopefully it wont cost me an arm and a leg :p

one of my coils is now really messed up i "accidentally" left the key on for about 30 minutes w/o it running and it had just started to blow out some of it's capaticence fluid, so now it has even weaker spark :( and my dyna coils and wires are on backorder for about a month just like my stator and r/r from electrex or whoever.

this is getting to be a pricy beater 4 wheeler :p cause i want to also get a new ignition plate, points and all cause it looks like the origional 1979 piece lol

o well i got an o ring kit i'll do that when the jets get here......

fun stuff.....
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