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I am Belgian student, sorry for my English
I ride a Gs500 ("92) - 20500kms (had 12000) when i bought it 6 months ago.

I have a litthe problem, mn engine makes a weird noice the last few times I ride it (begins at +- 4000rpm I is clearly hearable)

First I thought it were the valves, but my daddyt, and a suzuki dealer told me it was probably the Distribution chain..
So we opend the engine, and saw that the tensioner didnt work well,
It can but pushed back when it is pulled out to tension)

So today we changed the tensioner (54 euro), without and problems, the distr chain is tensioned very well..

But the problem is now that when the Cam turns, and it pushes the valves
the valve-cover makes a weird click noice, like a open -and close noice.
My dad says that is not normal.

-We hear the noise when we turn the rear-wheel in gear (to see if the engine turns)
-Also when we try to start the engine
(so no Petrol or nothing added, engine not turning)
we just wanted to test if all is turning great inside.

My Question for u guys is:
-what can be the cause?
-how can we fix it

-->Someone told me to syncronice the cam, maybe the chian has moved,
-->but herefore I need the service manual 8)

Does someone has a service manual for Gs500 ('92), :?

Thanks a lot

Thx boys, and long live Gs500
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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