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gs500f modifications

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I ran a search and couldn't really find any info about this. Most topics that came up were right during the release of the 04 (when the bike was new and no one had mods).........well now that the 05 gs500f (bike im lookin at getting) is out, are there any mods for these bikes yet? Once I get used to the bike I really would enjoy squeezing some more power out of it. Where can I look for exhausts, jet kits, and whatever else that can be done to improve power.

Thanks in Advance!
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Soldier101, I'm in montgomery and have a 2004 GS 500 F for sale. It's Blue & White.

You can have it rejetted for less than $150 I think. Yoshi is coming out with a pipe for it (so I'm told) before this summer. (around March/April)

I can tell you a lot about it if you are interested and I can tell you a lot even if you are hell bent on a 2005. Most here would recommend a used bike. But, we'll not get into that since you wanna know about mods.

Before flush mounting the turn signals:


I also shaved the rear fender and was looking at a clear brake light ($65, I think)
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