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Hey guys...

I got a noob question for ya.. I have a 79' gs750e that i have been trying to get on the road... It was running ok just had alittle power issues and a misfire with a little blue smoke.
prior to replaceing the points and condensers I replaced the sparkplugs, sparkplug wires, caps and tested my coils.

After i changed out my points and condenser it sounded great, no misfires little to no smoke. I took her for a test drive only to discover a big lack in power, I would give her lots of gas and it would be real slow to respond and sounding as if it is bogging out.
With this I figured i would time it.. finding it to be way off so i timed the 1 and 4 cylinders both the idle and high rpm timing. How do I time the 3 and 4 cylinders? Do I move my timing light to the 2 and 3 plug wires? I seem to only be seeing the timing marks for the 1 and 4? Any help would be appreciated.
Also do u think that timing could be my power issue?

thanks NEM

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Check your advancer. Sometimes they get rusty/dirty and freeze in place. That means your power will be OK at lower RPMs, but not be pulling at higher RPMs because it will not be advancing the spark.

- Nut
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