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Gsx 1400 Tre

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Yo.. sup.. just thinking of putting a TRE on my 1400. But i want to calrify where the GPS->ECU connector (where the TRE is installed) is, now, while im at a computer.
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Hi rapidfire ... nice to have another GSX 1400 owner here. You'll find lots of information about the TRE and the GSX 1400 at, the GSX 1400 owner's club in the UK.

Remove the panel on the left side of the bike, and look for the cable set with 3 cables. IIRC, one is brown and one is pink, but I may be wrong (I installed my TRE last year). If you have a TRE that's been commercially made (I got mine through the .ORG), it's a plug-and-play installation that takes about 5 minutes.
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