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gsxr 600 or cbrr 600

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one of my friend bought a cbrr 600 I tryed it and felt the diference in the power, the cbrr feels faster. on the other hand I spend money on my gixer k4 and really like it. I don't know if I did wrong sticking with suzuki
/my previous bike was bandit 400/
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I'm new to this forum, this is my first "forum" as a mather of fact.
thanks for the info,
it really doesn't mather, I love my bike.
It's just that I got that "my bike is better than yours" attitude.
my gixer now is 1200 miles and the engine sings like a bird, the gear change is sleek and the bike is soooo smoooooth.
/ i like it smooth don't get me wrong, not a big fan of jerking back and forth/ anyway i have it and i apreciate it the way it is as someone said above.
thanks for the attention you all.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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