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Gsxr 750 detailing

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I know, I know. I have an old 92 Gxsr 750 and wanted to detail the bike. I want to spend half the summer doing this. Anyone know where i should start??? No smart jokes.

THanks everyone!
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I can understand detailing a bike, takes me a day to go over mine from one end to the other. But half the summer? Sounds like you want to do more than detail the bike.

Start down deep in the bike and work your way out to the bodywork. Replace any aged hoses such as fuel and brake lines. Locate and repair fuel oil and brake leaks. While you're in there give it a tune up. Check all your bushing and body work grommets. If they are aged and dry and cracked they can't do there job properly, replace them. Any worn, striped or missing bolts replace. Fresh brake fluid and fork oil works wonders too. Do it all and it should feel like a more solid ride. Then get the wax out. Have fun, just be patient!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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