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GSXR600 "wooly" '98 at low revs

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Is this normal?

I'm new to the bike (just bought it after passing my test) but know it had a race can on it that was swapped back to stock before the sale, maybe even had race filter. :?

Reading other posts, if the Bike was mapped to the race bits is it now running rich on stock parts? (that may be a stupid question as I'm not even familiar with the bike technology!) :roll:

Not looking to tune the hilt off it (advice seem to be to learn to ride it first!) but I don't wanna pay to remap then remap again when I put a can and filter on in the future - would rather put them on now and remap once. :|

Advice I've read in the forums is good so thanks in advance to any who respond :)
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As long as you don't have to be re-jetted after "guy finds other guy riding guy's bike and guy's ex-girlfriend".

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