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GSXR600 "wooly" '98 at low revs

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Is this normal?

I'm new to the bike (just bought it after passing my test) but know it had a race can on it that was swapped back to stock before the sale, maybe even had race filter. :?

Reading other posts, if the Bike was mapped to the race bits is it now running rich on stock parts? (that may be a stupid question as I'm not even familiar with the bike technology!) :roll:

Not looking to tune the hilt off it (advice seem to be to learn to ride it first!) but I don't wanna pay to remap then remap again when I put a can and filter on in the future - would rather put them on now and remap once. :|

Advice I've read in the forums is good so thanks in advance to any who respond :)
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what is the problem, you've stated what bike you have, now let us know what the problem is. I'm smiling don't worry, I just thought it was a bit funny, you didn't state the symptoms :D
lol, wooly, now that's a new discriptive word, if the bike has been jetted for aftermarket filter and pipe, I would say yes, you need to rejet, (not remap, it's not injected,is it?).
if it was jetted for a slip on, and has the stosk pipe again, it will need to be rejetted.
#1 give her my address

#2 each can has it's own back pressure, different can, different set up. If you aren't super concerned about exact performance, find out what was on the bike then get the closest thing to it that you can.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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