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GZ 250 - ANY comments god or bad

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any comments on this bike? Anyone know where I can find a manual on this bike? New rider, I mean new, taking course next weekend!
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ooh she pretty! Did the s. bar come with and the rack or did u buy sep?

I followed behind my buddy from work to bring mine home as I don't know how to ride yet and she got up to 70 but there's one BIG hill on the way home and she kinda lost 'er juice but she faired pretty well otherwise. Won't be on the interstate much at all but there's some cty hwys on my way to work that are pretty cool. I call it 'Mid-Life Crisis Red' but the black one looks really nice. I'll do like you, keep 'er for the next couple of summers gettin' some experience then move up to something bigger. She's just big enough for me to get started.
did you buy the windshield with or after?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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