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Sounds like they are going to get serious about it this time, last time they had a few podium finishes but no wins.
The bike was already behind the curve by the time they got to the track, it was pretty fast but not quite competitive enough especially considering how few H-Ds were in the field and how many others they were up against, it's surprising the made it to the podium at all.
There were a lot of suits in the Moco that didn't want to be there in the first place so they never got the support they needed and eventually had the plug
pulled on them.
I hope things are different this time, it should be,can't see them going back without being all in this time around.
I'm sure they learned a few things from the failed last attempt and they have surely learned a few things from their very successful drag racing racing program.
Wishing them well and hope to see an American bike win some races in the big game.

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