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Have a question about new shield for helmet

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Does anyone know if I would be able to use a HJC Dual Lens Snow Shield(non electric variety)on my HJC CL-14 helmet. I have been plagued by pretty extreme fogging of the shield and now that it is getting colder outside the problem is only getting worse. The reason I ask is because the snow shield has built in vents that are suppose to help with fogging. I know that they sell my helmet with this shield on snowmobile sites but I am not sure if there is any downside to using this shield for street riding. Also if anyone has advice on other ways to combat the fogging that would be great too.
Jeff :roll:
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This was discussed a month or so ago in another thread... I'm sure our gracious mods or someone will eventually post a link, but the gist of it was that rain-x anti-fog says specifically on the bottle that it's for glass - not for plastic. Which I can verify cause I've used that and regular rain-x for many years.

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