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Have a question about new shield for helmet

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Does anyone know if I would be able to use a HJC Dual Lens Snow Shield(non electric variety)on my HJC CL-14 helmet. I have been plagued by pretty extreme fogging of the shield and now that it is getting colder outside the problem is only getting worse. The reason I ask is because the snow shield has built in vents that are suppose to help with fogging. I know that they sell my helmet with this shield on snowmobile sites but I am not sure if there is any downside to using this shield for street riding. Also if anyone has advice on other ways to combat the fogging that would be great too.
Jeff :roll:
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I'm curious to see if anyone has any suggestions. I'm riding daily and fogging up is a constant annoyance. I can adjust my helmet vents, flip the faceshield up and down as needed but it'd be neat if I didn't have to do quite so much tweaking while I'm on the go ;)
I found a generic Fog City insert on eBay for $5 so I went ahead and ordered it. I figured for $5 it was worth a try ;)
Today was my first day with the Fog City insert. Its a clear plastic peice with adhesive around the edge. You pull your visor off and affix it to the inside of the visor.

This was a great day to try it out, cold and sprinkling on the way into work this morning. It was daylight (such as it was) when I left. I was able to keep the visor down the whole way to work, which is about a 20 minute ride. The Fog City insert seemed to do its job, I had a little condensation around my nose that made checking the speedo a chore but other than that it was OK. The view through the insert was a little bit hazy but it wasn't too bad. It was nice to keep the visor down the whole way, less noise and my face didn't get cold. All it all it seemed like OK.

On the way home was a different story. I left work after dark, it was pouring rain when I hit the road and it was pretty cold too. I kept the visor down but it kept getting foggier and foggier. On the freeway it wasn't so bad but when I hit the side streets the slight fog combined with the halo effect the fog city insert has naturally made me basically blind when headlights from the other direction were on me. I had to simply flip my visor up and take the rain right in the face, it was that or be blind.

When I got home I took a look at the Fog City insert and it appeared to have fogged up between my visor and the insert. So I pulled it off, cleaned it and reapplied it making sure I made a good seal all the way around. I'll probably try it again tomorrow butso far I'm not super impressed.
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TsPerformance said:
Rain-x Anti fog some 1 buy it, try it and tell me if its worth using.. I know rain x on visors work great...
Maybe I'll try that next ;)
Wombat1955 said:
...I also got light fogging between the two sections, which would indicate a possible leak. When I took it off to clean it, the foggy area was more like a film and was difficult to remove...
Yeah I forgot to mention that I really had to scrub that 'fog' off the Fog City insert. Weird. Even when it performs perfectly I'm not sure if I can tolerate the halo effect.
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