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Head Gasket

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My friend has '01 GSX-R 1000 that ran ok yesterday till it warmed up, then anti freeze pours from over flow tube. He ran the bike about 6 miles thinking that the anti freeze level was simply too high. After those 6 highway miles the temp rose to 249 and fan did not run. He decided to return home as the bike seemed in serious trouble. On the way home the bike lost performance and became sluggish and non-responsive. The throttle revs and RPM's rise appropriately but the motor did not not respond crisply at all. It feels like a slipping clutch but the clutch is fine and this happens in gear while riding. I test rode the bike 30 yards and suggested we leave it where it was and seek a traileror pick-up truck to get it to the bike shop today. He didn't want to hear it and we rode to my house. We did the needful things i.e. let the bike cool and add coolant to proper levels but my friend again wanted to ride home last night instead of trailoring the bike to the shop from my house today. We made it to his house ok, but he called me this AM and said that after the bike cooled down he re-started it and got no power at all. He had to push the bike to his garage. I'm thinking head gasket no compression at best. Any ideas?
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have you checked compression? This really does sound like a head gasket. I definatly sugest that you do a compression check. Head gaskets can fail in a variety of ways, and sometimes a compression test won't tell you. This sounds bad enough that it will tell you in this instance if it is the head gasket.
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