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Hello Everyone,

I own a 1998 LC1500, recently purchased used through a dealer (2400 original miles, runs like a dream. Original tires, about to replace them due to weather checking). This bike is clean, and I have been over it a couple of times looking for major defects. None, well... one found so far.

The bike came with bags, windshield and accy light bar. I thought I had a bad headlamp bulb because I had no high-beam. I pulled the bulb today and it ohm'ed out fine. Took the voltmeter to the bike to check the high-beam circuit... hmmm. When the switch is in low-beam mode both power feed wires (high and low beam) complete the circuit. On high beam the circuit is broken on both feeds.

Now, here is where it seems strange to me. When I checked the polarity it appears that the "common" (that I would normally refer to as ground) wire is actually the hot or positive wire, and the other two (high and low beam feed) are the "ground" or "negative" wires. So if I am reading this correctly someone has cross-wired the headlamp to be a "positive ground" circuit and that is why the high-low beams do not function. My thinking is that whoever put the accessory lamps on botched it up, but I looked at their wiring and it looks very clean, not cobbled together.

Any ideas before I start chasing down a problem? This bike is "negative ground" correct?

Anyway, here I am with my new (to me) LC1500. Fits me great! (6' 0" 205) I used to have a GL1100, Kaw LTD550 and a Honda CB350-4 Super Sport (sweet little bike, very fast) and got back into biking after taking the MSF course with my brother (2003 H*rley Electra Glide Classic)

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Headlamp Issue

Hi W. :D
I dont know much about the bike you have apart from looking very nice.
Let's talk electrics : the negative- is mostly connected to the frame. In the old days of Britisch Motorcycles ( always with a bit of oil under the bike) maybe they had the positive+ connected to the frame as with Britisch cars.
Check your wiring diagram and connect properly. You should have 1 Neg and 2 positive leads coming from your "Dimswitch"
Good luck and save driving
Kropatchek ( with the Yellow 93 Savage)
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