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Height problem

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I have a 04' GSX-R 600. When I ride I am having troubles fully reaching the ground flat-footed. Is there a way I can adjust the height by an inch or 2 to allow me to touch the ground when at a stop. Thanks for helping a forum noobie!
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roadrash said:
how bout some stilts, or maybe attaching a couple wood blocks to the bottom of your boots :lol:
Hey, I am a short dude, so I can make short jokes! And I have heard them all too :)
Go to and look for "lowering links". I had to get a set for my Busa. I would think they will have some for your bike as well.
You don't want to lower down too much from stock or handling will also be altered. If you wanted to spend major$$ you can actually buy lowering kits, but these are BIG BUCKS. There are more sites out there but this is where I got mine.

VERY IMPORTANT.. Be sure to place a block of wood between the rear tire and the fender/seat before you remove the bolts from the stock links. Also helps to have a bud....weiser, oops I mean buddy there to help raise or lower the suspension to ease the install.
Hope this helps
Thats gotta suck being short. :lol: :p
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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